Rainy Day Driving Tips

Please consider these tips for safe driving in the rain.

Safety tips:

Turn your lights on!
When driving on the freeway, use the center lanes as water tends to pool in the outside lanes.
Keep a safe distance, about two cars, from the car ahead of you and pay attention to their break lights.
Remember it takes longer to stop in wet weather.
Use a light touch when steering and breaking.
Pedestrians and animals are harder to see, …Read More


1. What are your financing options? It is always good to do your research and get pre-approved for a loan before going car shopping. This will help you get an idea on what cars you can afford. When looking at your financing options compare all term/lengths of the loan and the interest rates.  We recommend you go to your local bank, but there are other options such as the dealer loan, Eloan.com, lendingtree.com or creditkarma.com.

2. Are you going …Read More


Lemay, America’s Car Museum and Hagerity have launched a new program that will train students between the ages of 18-25 in the art of automotive restoration and preservation. They will offer hands on classes with paid internships, scholarships and apprenticeships. It offers career-based training necessary in the automotive industry. They have already awarded more than $2.5 million since 2005. Check them out at hagertyeducationprogram.org



Photo: http://thetraveljoint.com

Our Bosch Xperience




On Friday June 5th we had the honor of hosting the Bosch Xperience truck at our shop. It was an exciting experience for all the technicians that participated. We got a virtual look into the inner workings of how our cars run. Following the virtual experience we got training on diagnostics. At Classic German Motors we are always looking to improve our skills to provide a better customer experience and …Read More

Not Your Average Shop

We love a challenge at Classic German Motors! Geraldo, one of our top technicians, unassembled and reassembled this Mercedes S-Class in 24 hours. Don’t forget to call us for your auto repair needs!

“Creating Perfection is a fine art… Maintaining it is another”

Classic German Motors Goes Green

Classic German Motors has gone green and updated the service vehicle to an all electric drive. We now pick up and drop off customers in the new 2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive.  The B-Class has up to 80 miles battery life (28 KWh lithium-ion battery).

Benjamin’s Bike Ride in Mexico


On Saturday May 2nd, Benjamin Robles, one of our own participated in this years 50 Mile Rosarito-Ensenada bicycle race in Mexico. He proudly represented Classic German Motors. After a lot of training and hard work he placed 619 out of over 4200 participants. Benjamin really enjoys finding new hills to ride and continues to challenge himself. If you’re ever in the office and want to talk bikes, you know …Read More