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“Creating Perfection is a fine art…
… Maintaining it is another…”

2009 Mercedes-Benz E350 For Sale! “SOLD”

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Cooling System Service

What we do

Clean debris from cooling system

Remove rust, scale and sludge from fins

Clean rust from coolant lines

Replenish coolant additives


Better cooling system function

Extended coolant life

Increased vehicle performance

Less chance of overheating

 Give us a call 626-577-2240 to schedule your cooling system service.
Service is performed using BG products.

Happy Birthday Ben!

We would like you to join us in wishing Ben a Happy Birthday!

Here are a few fun facts about Ben
– Ben loves to ride his bike up Henninger flats.
– He has competed in a bike race in Rosarito,MX.
– He is a great cook!
– He has been working at Classic German Motors for over 25 years.

Spring Offer!

Check out our new offer valid for the months of March and April 2018.

Give us a call at 626-577-2240 to schedule an appointment!